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I am stopping the use of Wen. My hair has been falling out and I have itching on my scalp. I now have very thin hair and am scared that I may lose more. I have quit using it.... but fear it is too late. I have a bunch of the products left. I am really unhappy and stressed about losing more hair!!! My hairdresser has always commented on my great head of hair... wait til she sees me again!! Read more

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I just finished coloring my hair . I have a burning feeling .. I washed my hair only with WEN yesterday.. I noticed bumps on my head .. Just like all the other reviews .. This is not right .. I am calling QVC .. I better got my mom net back .. What about the pain i am in .. Hair lose Add comment

I used Wen & at first it seemed to be ok for several weeks then my hair started falling out & my head would itch & get little bumps on it. I stopped using it & it finally stopped falling out but now it's alot thinner. I spent a lot of money on that *** !! I wish they would get a law suit going on them. Add comment

I used to have really thick hair. My hair stylist always commented on how much hair I had as she used her tool to thin it out-she even commented she could make another head of hair from what she took off of my head as she thinned out my hair to make it less heavy for me. After using WEN haircare products the amount of hair that is in my drain and on my brush is astonishing! My hair has thinned... Read more

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I'm an avid QVC shopper and thought I would give the WEN products a try.Unfortunatly,I also am experiencing the hair loss others are speaking of.I have discontinued using the products,hopefully my hair will return to normal soon! I'm not sure what to do.Very disappointed.I had also bought the full set of five seasonal scents for Christmas gifts for my daughter and granddaughter and I am now... Read more

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I started using wen and within a month my hair started falling out and i was getting sores in my head know i have a huge. Bald sot in the back of my head Read more

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I've used Wen for several years, my hair started falling out and I was very concerned about my health. I've been retired for 3 years, waiting to be covered by Medicare. I have had no health insurance so all lab work, Dr. Visits, hairdressers, anyone I could consult with-I have been out thousands of dollars trying to find out what was wrong with me. Finally a holistic Dr. Asked what hair products... Read more

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  • Chaz Dean
  • Dec 17, 2015
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I have been using WEN for seven years and LOVE it! Will NEVER use anything else! Some people just like to blame someone and they ho through life looking for misery! Love you,Chaz!!!! Add comment

I have been using this shampoo conditioner for over 6 Yrs and I have never had a issue with hair loss or scalp burning. I love this stuff. It is the only shampoo that made my hair grow faster and made my hair in better shape than it has ever been. I am a very happy user of WEN. I'm just upset that now he has this big lawsuit going on they may eliminate the product and that would be a shame. I... Read more

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I have been shampooing my hair with with the sweet almond mint,massaging into my scalp and working it down to the ends as directed by the instructions on the bottle. after about 5 to 6 months i noticed that my hair was getting thinner so i went to my DR who specializes internal medicine . After running extensive blood work ,my test all came back normal.i thought if i kept using your product my... Read more

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