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I ordered the Chaz Dean hair care system. After using it, my hair felt dirty, it was not shiny at all.

The styling creme made it worse, I never tried the balm or the moisturizing creme at all. I tried the product for a week, washing my hair every other day, and still horrible feeling. It was so bad that I had to re-wash my hair with regular shampoo to get the feeling of clean and shiny hair. This product should be yanked and Gunthy-Renker should look into whose products they represent.

Never again will I buy from them or any company they represent.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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What's good for the goose isn't good for the gander smh!


im 56 and my hairs never looked the same twice,I can get comb thru it!extreme curly hair is manageable! :p


I have no idea how you can hate this product. Maybe you are using it incorrectly.

I have tried every product under the sun to get my dry hair to look good. And Wen does it for me. I have used since Feb 10 and nothing else.

Chaz is a god to me for giving me great hair again. PS I order from QVC not GR.


My hair is 90% better then it was,the problems I have are you have to use to much of the product and is exspensive.

Also sometime my scalp itches and I am haveing problems with fly away hair I wish you didnt have to leave on so long

and use so much.Over all my hair is alot better another thing is when I rinse my hair it does feel like build up I used another product for removeing build after i rinsed it felt like straw that concerns me weather this product is just covering up the problem am still going to use and see what happens.

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