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I decided to do the tv offer for the WEN product and next thing I know I have money coming out of my account. There customer service hung up on me because I was refusing to pay to mail back a product I didn't order and asked to speak to a supervisor, then had to call back got a client to agree I didn't have to pay to return and sent me a mailing label so I sent product back and I am still having the money being taken out of my account and getting no results!

Called customer service again because they took a final payment out and she told me that I should have go a tracking on my mailing. Well they sent me a return label I told them I wasn't paying for a return that I had not ordered and got nothing but a blame on me.

Then I get an email that I should be reimbursed back after 6 weeks of them receiving the product minus shipping and handling. They are the worst company out there and will never in my life recommend or do anything with them!

Monetary Loss: $135.

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Hey! I have almost the same problem as u did!

Please tell me what should I do to get a full refund on my card and prevent them from making transactions on my behalf? I have ordered the offer I saw on TV about Wen Hair products, and then I left USA in October. But the owner from my old address in USA told me that Wen Company keeps sending me stuff! I desperately want to solve this issue.

The worst thing is that they use my account and money keep coming out from it! It already happened twice, approx.

$ 90 lost but I demanded a full refund!

I will be grateful if you give me some piece of advice!

to elenka_15pt San Francisco, California, United States #963467

You cannot be legally made to pay for something you did not order. If you let your credit card company know what's going on with WEN and dispute the charges, they will credit your account and file a claim with WEN.

Be sure that when you return WEN products that you get a tracking number so you can PROVE they rec'd the return. This is classic Guthy-Renker tactic.

The net/net: it is your credit card company's job to protect you from predatory online retailers like WEN, so no matter how many times they pull this s**t with you, your bank has to give you a credit. I would be shocked to learn that there ANY bank in existence, at least in the USA, that hasn't deal with this same WEN issue.


You've been scammed like so many other people. You need to file an online complaint with the BBB (Better Business Burean), they will get you a full refund back from this scam company, don't bother mailing their products back, they only want your money.

to Wengirl #963655

Thank you girls, i appreciate your replies. I managed to fix this issue and got a full refund.

As long as I wasn't in the USA anymore, bothering to mail their products back wasn't an option, thankfully.

However, be careful what companies you trust, whoever is reading this complaints. Just for yr own good and peace.

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