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I tried the product and it did not work on my hair, which is fine and straight. It made my hair lifeless, heavy and dull.

I called the company to return and the rudest man answered the phone. He told me if I wanted to return the product, I need to look at the website and figure out how to do it! He would not give me any information, so I hung up. I then reached a nicer person who recommended a different product.

She admitted that the Wen product is actually for people with textured/curly hair (it works great on my bi-racial granddaughter). I told her they should have said that on the commercial.

In any event, I returned the product and never heard from Wen again, although they kept on charging my account. I finally got around to calling them today and they had NO record of my account at all. They finally had to look up my account by my credit card number and agreed to refund my money.

Problem is, they only had a record of part of the money they charged. They had charged an extra $90+ dollars and had no record of it! Now I have to fax them my bank statements in order to get a refund, which could take 10 business days.

Bottom line is, I would have never heard from them or received a refund unless I called.

Also, the refund amount would have been wrong if I hadn't checked my bank records. BE CAREFUL when dealing with this company!

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