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This product tell you how to apply the hair care system to get voluminous hair but on the contrary, you end up with dull and crappy looking hair. After a few tries your hair begins to die out and ends up looking like you applied a generous amount of oil to your hair.

Hair becomes thick, dry, harsh, and looks ugly.

I also noticed that when i began to use my regular shampoo, my hair felt dry and ended up extremely tangled. Dont buy this product its a waste of time, money, and instead of getting gorgeous hair, your hair begins to die.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Hair cannot die, it's already dead, it's called Keratin. But, I was going to order this product and came on here to see if anyone had any complaints and now I will stick with my Argan oil shampoo and conditish I buy from Sally's. If you have course hair it really works nice and smells delightful.

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