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Ordered this and used all of the hair care product; didn't last very long, since they tell you the more you use, the better your hair will be. Well, it's not, plain and simple.

Also made the mistake of ordering the *** vitamins, and not knowing that it was going to be sent out in exactly 30 days after the first order, then my bank account gets charged over $38.00. Called the number on paper to cancel the vitamins, but lo and behold, when you can finally get a human on the phone, then they tell you it's a different number to call for cancelling the vitamins. But everything I have, including the invoice on the box that the vitamins came in, have the first number. So if you are depending on their oh so accurate automated system, DON'T!!

I would not have known had I not called back again.

Now we will see once I pay to send this shipment back, if I actually get a refund or not. Really ticks me off, because I should have known better; just like the title says, TOTAL SCAM!!

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Brunswick, Georgia, United States #854830

Sounds familiar! I too received the free vitamins.

Then one month later I see a charge for $33 on my card on the 7th. When I looked at my paperwork it stated that the next shipment would be on the 14th. When I called they said that the vitamins had already gone out, but I could return them and I cancelled the membership that day. I finally received the unwanted vitamins 2 weeks later and had the post man refuse them and they went back (all tracked via the USPS).

The following month I received another $33 charge on my card. I called again and was given a different number to call. They said they had no way of knowing if the vitamins had been returned although they showed where I had called and cancelled the prior month. They also told me that there would be another charge the next month because they couldn't stop the billing for the shipment!

They said it takes 3-4 weeks for each payment to be credited once they received the vitamins back (but they don't know whether or not they received them because that goes to yet another department that handles returns and refunds). So I guess I'll have another $33 charge next month. THANKFULLY PayPal disputed the charges for me and returned the money to my account, but I'll have to call them again next month about the next charge. They have put a block on the merchant but said they see this issue A LOT, as the (vitamin) company will change one letter in their name to charge the account and it will go through as an authorized charge.

The only real way to stop it is to cancel your card and have them issue another...and even then, sometimes the charges get through! Well, lesson learned AGAIN...NEVER sign up for automatic shipments and installments and give the company your debit card info....I really knew better from previous problems YEARS ago, but I really thought that a Chaz Dean company would be different.....***!

Houston, Texas, United States #826442

Thank you for saying this loud. It is a scam for sure.

You can call them to cancel the membership which you have never enrolled but they will keep on billing you. If you charge back the credit card, they will send you collection agency and ruin your credit just because you refuse to be scammed. I really cannot believe how a company can run a scam like this. Don't be a sucker like me or millions who got ripped off by Wen Hair.

A class action is filing and you can google wen hair class action to register. If you are scammed by them, please make sure you at least report this to attorney general. Many victims just walked away and this is the reason why this company is still operating. I dislike the products so that I cannot say that much about the quality.

However, if you are naive enough to buy this product, you will be screwed. This company is the most sketchy company ever.

They are criminals not business people.

Cape May, New Jersey, United States #595563

OK. First of all, Wen is the best product I've ever purchased, however its guthyrenker thats the "scam. " :(

Chaz Dean should really think about taking his product off their site and cut all ties with them cuz they're making him and his product look bad. The product is AMAZING!! The thing is, u have to experiment and see which one works best for you if the one u have isn't working for u.

If u look around, I'd say 99% of all the reviews that strictly focus on the product alone are saying the product is out of this world, it's the reviews *** about the price, the customer service, or the company they're buying it from that are bad. Sure there's about 1% of the people out there that have given bad reviews strictly about the product, but most likely half of those people didn't read the directions, didn't use it right, didn't bother to experiment with the amount, etc, or didn't try another kind, since some people can't use all of the types. I guarantee if u compared reviews of almost all other hair products against Wen, you'd find that every other product has WAY MORE BAD REVIEWS! Go to QVC and read the Wen reviews on there. There's hardly any bad ones and almost all of the bad ones are people that didn't bother to try or they're mad for other reasons that aren't relevant to the quality of the product.

Some people say their hair fell out. Well, that obviously means that they're allergic to something in the product. That same problem, and so much worse, happens to people everyday using different shampoos that u can find anywhere, but if u look at the percentage of people whose hair fell out from Wen and the percentage of people whose hair fell out from other hair products, Wen will have way more success stories, then stories of people's hair falling out. The amount of people that have had their hair start growing back thicker and faster since using Wen doesn't even compare to the people who said their hair fell out. Like I said, certain ppl have certain reactions to things. Most of the problems seem to be with the tea tree product, which is supposed to make ur thinning hair grow back, and it actually does do that extremely well for people, except the people who had bad reactions to it.

Everyone's different, but Wen products are the safest products out there for you. Every other hair product, even ones u get from a dermatologist/doctor, all have harsh chemicals and sulfates that do tremendous damage to everyones hair and scalp, but nobody realizes this cuz everyone uses shampoo, so its considered the norm.

I have really greasy hair so I was scared to try this, but I will never touch shampoo ever again. The difference is unreal and yes, if I don't blow dry my hair, and/or rinse it out extremely well, then it will be greasy, but u just gotta figure out the best type for u and never go by the amount on the bottle cuz thats outta control too much. You have to go light on the styling products too and only use it on the ends. Actually most ppl with oily hair really have dry scalp and need more oil and moisture added to their scalp so then their body will stop producing all that extra oil that's making their hair greasy cuz it will have enough moisture so it will stop thinking it has to produce more oil.

But, like I said, the amount that he says to use is way too much. U just gotta make sure ur hair is thoroughly saturated, add extra splashes of water and ALWAYS wash rinse and repeat! The difference is dramatic when I don't do that. My hair is thick, coarse, and down to my mid back and the most I've ever used is 12 pumps on the first wash (with 16oz or 32oz bottles) and like 6 pumps on the second wash and that's only with the ones that are thinner or with the kids version. With pomegranate and most of the others I use about 6-10 pumps. The 613 is by far the best product he sells. Smells AMAZING and works miracles on hair, especially dry, damaged, color treated hair and this formula is so thick that u only need like 6-8pumps total of the 32oz bottle for hair like mine. U have to be careful to rinse extra long and only put a very small amount as a leavein conditioner or u may end up greasy since its so thick and rich, but in one use of this you'll be blown away. It'll leave ur brittle hair soft and silky.

The pomegranate is good for people with greasy hair cuz it doesn't make your hair super silky and slippery like the others. In fact, if I don't put some in as a leave in and then use some of the styling cream and/or the replenishing spray then I can't really comb it out very well cuz this formula isn't super slick like the others so it works well for my greasy hair and smells the 2nd best out of the regular kind. The kids formulas are by far the best smelling ones cuz there's no menthol or weird mint and other smells added in, however they don't work quite as well either, or do half as much for ur hair as the others do, but the smell is unbelievable. Anyone with peanut, wheat, soy, or almost any other allergy can safely use the kids version cuz they're made for people with allergies and especially for kids.

Believe me when i say this review is 100% true. I'm not getting paid for this or anything like that. Believe me, I wish I was. Lol I NEVER, EVER write reviews cuz I have better things to do, but I just had to say something here cuz these people are TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT WEN AND CHAZ DEAN!

WEN IS NOT A SCAM AT ALL!! IT'S GUTHYRENKER THAT'S THE SCAM! Please don't make bad judgements about Wen just because ur having issues with the company u chose to purchase it from, or cuz u were too lazy to read everything u were supposed to read. I'm so sick of reading pointless reviews from simple minded morons that don't read and don't have a clue what they're talking about!

I read app reviews where people are *** about an app and saying its total *** cuz they can't uninstall it, or it doesn't do this or that and then they give it a bad review when the app clearly says in big bold print, right at the top, that if u install this app u won't be able to uninstall it and then right below that it tells u everything the app does! If the app clearly states what it does, then its messed up that people are giving it a bad review just cuz they want it to do something else or want it to do more then it's supposed to do. This is the same situation! People are giving Wen bad reviews for something guthyrenker did, or because they didn't read! It's just so annoying!

I mean I'll be the first one there at an I hate guthyrenker party cuz they're the worst company I've ever dealt with and I wish all these other companies would stop selling their products through them cuz it's only doing damage to their reputations and their products. I absolutely hate guthyrenker and from all the comments I just read here, this comment topic shouldn't be titled Wen is a scam, it should be titled guthyrenker its a scam, although technically they're not totally a scam either. Their billing plan and all that is clearly stated all over the site and the invoices, the problem is with their customer service and their accuracy. Plus, the whole thing really can be misleading cuz it sounds like they're saying u only pay $30 each time they send u the set, but what they really mean is u pay $30/mo for the set after the first time. I didn't realize that the first time I ordered from them either, even tho I read it a ton of times. They're really nothing, but problems and they will screw u over every chance they get if ur not paying close attention! It's just not worth the trouble. Find another place to buy the products instead!

My last, and final, experience with them was with meaningful beauty. Now that was def a scam! They sent me and my mother the 90 day set from the start, instead of the 30 day one and tried to charge us the $40 plus the price for the 90 day kit, which was over $100 by itself. Then they said we couldn't customize two kits and other bs. So ridiculous! My mom talked to someone and we actually made out OK cuz we just got lucky that the women was super nice, but my sheer cover experience was a nightmare, which sucks cuz I loved the foundation. My mom called after several attempts of me trying to fix things and the girl was super nice, but she told my mom to just keep the wrong items that were shipped, that she'd credit me, and that I'd receive my missing items. Well, not only did I not receive any of those items, but I never received anything ever again and I really needed that foundation cuz I'm allergic to something in bare minerals foundation (only the foundation, everything else is perfect. It's weird).

Ok, the moral of this waaaay too long story is...... Wen is the best, safest, and most effective hair care product out there so don't just give up after trying one kind. Try the sample/travel packs (I'm not sure if they'll be enough for long, or thick hair tho) that will give u almost every kind, or try some other kit with all of them and only order from Chaz Dean directly, sephora, or QVC and NEVER, EVER ORDER FROM GUTHYRENKER AGAIN!! Also, U PEOPLE NEED TO START READING THINGS! :x

Try Wen for yourself. I promise that at the absolute least, nine outta ten people will love it and never touch shampoo again once they find the right kind and the right way of using it. Remember, there's always a few people that have bad experiences and hardly anyone does with Wen, it only may seem that way cuz nobody really writes reviews for other shampoos out there, plus half of the bad reviews are about the place they ordered from, not the product!

Just try it for yourself! U can always send it back. The best time to try it is from November thru Dec. cuz if u order from QVC during that time you'll have til Jan 31st to return the ones u don't like, if there are any, so thats plenty of time for u to try them all. Just try it cuz it's beyond worth it!! :grin

to MusicLuvaMEG Austin, Texas, United States #1144594

I understand that all so well I had to find the product type that was right for me because I'd come to realize that I'm allergic to two of the fragrances that I love but can't use know you health and yourself I love the product also and have had a few billing issues that have been resolved with no add'l concerns lets hope I didn't speak too soon....just use what works for you all things are trial and error we'd like to have less error happy findings


I by this product and have given bottles to my mother to try. I agree it is not for everyone as all hair is different but you will not know until you try!

I have spent hundreds of dollars on other supposedly fantastic haircare with no results. I find Wen works for me. For those complaining about the continue delivery well it says very plainly that when you sign on that is what will happen. Ive read the complaints on this site and none of them make a great deal of sense since they are all about what is written on the agreement when you sign on.

Also if you do wish to discontinue try advising your bank that payments are to stop as well as notifying Guthyrenker. Put it in writing with the bank then it is their responsebility if they give them more money. As for the more you use the better the result comment, if you watch the info comercial Chaz Dean shows you that a couple of pumps in the palm of your hand is enough for waiste length hair. My bottle lasts for 3 months each and it works great in my hair.

My hair has never been this managable. I am not being paid to write this, I am a genuine buyer.

Do not be put off this product by other comments. Try it yourself!

San Diego, California, United States #578818

No where in the advertisement does it say you will be charged every 90 days or that you have joined some sort of group. It clearly says "$29.99 for your 30 day supply".

Not, $29.99 then an additional $46 every 90 days. It's such BS!

to Fell for Wen #594244

If you look on line at the agreement contract it says it quite plainly that you are agreeing to payments every month for 3 months! Sorry :roll

to Fell for Wen #638256

Always read fine print when buying anything! Or at least the return policies.

At first I just scanned it and still read that you will have to pay every 90 days. the person you should be mad at is yourself for not reading what you signed up for :roll


Ordered like everyone else and they won't stop charging my debit card or sending crappy vitamins I didn't order or want.my back cancelled my card to stop them from scamming me.how do they stay in business!,


Don't even get me started they will never stop charging your card. Somehow they have VISA fooled.

There are now class-action lawsuits to join. Thank Goodness. Do not order this product unless you want to pay $40 a month for the rest of your life. It makes your hair greasy and flat.

It's wonderful getting a new box every month when you haven't even finished the initial box of it. It's a waste.

There are much better products offered in salons and stores. Wen is a RIP OFF.


They are so annoying. They sent me 3 wrong shipments last month.

I had to argue with several people telling them this isn't what I ordered and to stop charging me $35+ for each one. I only ordered one. It took a MONTH for me to finally get my order. It is a couple weeks later and low and behold, they took almost $100 out of my account for 2nd installments on the orders I never ordered!!


I will be switching to HairOne from Sally. Much cheaper and don't have to deal with such rude people


I have experienced similar issues w/ WEN. I ordered the product based on a special promotion they were advertising.

I liked it & ordered a 2nd bottle. After ordering the 2nd bottle, I received an additional 2 bottles in the mail and my card was charged without authorization & without me placing another order. I called & told them I did not need 2 additional bottles, do not want them and wanted my card credited for the charge that was not authorized. I offered to send the unwanted bottles back & they told me to keep them & my card would be credited.

I knew this didn't sound right but the person refused to have me send them back. My card was credited this time but then shortly later, I received another 2 bottles that were not ordered and my card was charged AGAIN without authorization. I called again and they said the request to cancell the last order was not in their system & they had no record of me calling before. I asked that my card be credited for this unwanted product and that they erase my card from their files & DO NOT send any more bottles or charge my card.

They said this would be done, the system would be noted, my card would be credited & no more shipments would be sent out. Low & behold, the products stopped coming but I continued to receive a bill for the shipment I never ordered & wanted credit for. No matter how many times I called to explain the situation cancel the unauthorized bill/charge, they ignored my request & continued sending bills for products I never ordered.

Now I am receiving notices from collections & having to deal with my acct in collections. I would never order from these people again & never recommend this to anyone!


I called this am to order this product for my wife when i found out the only way to get ths price they were promoting on tv was to set up a monthly draft i told them i did not want anything and they said ok then they charged my account $113.00 so i called back abs they said it would take 3you days before they could even look at my account they stole my money


I don't understand I ordered the wen care system in a magazine for 9.99. Than received a package of products worth 98.84.

I never ordered this product.

Unless there was some sort of small print, that I did not see, I did not order this.Not only did I not order this product, they sent me the largest package they have.I called and they told me that If I did not pay that they would turn this over to a collection agency. Thanks


I ordered the product and disliked it, I called to cancel and the woman told me that I should try their other and she would send it to me with no obligation, I asked that she still cancel my account and erase my credit card information, everything seems fine until now 5 months later from the time I cancelled I get a charge on my account for $38.94 from them, when I called the first thing the woman said was I see you called to cancel back in may so your account was placed on hold until now, if I said I want to cancel doesn't that mean I don't want you to ever charge me or send me anything again???? Now they say that they shipped the product already and can't stop it so they won't reimburse me until I ship the product back and pay shipping myself and then I still have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to see the credit.

Don't ever order this product or give your credit card information. they will charge your card without authorization again and the banks won't refund the charges of this unautharized transaction because they can prove that you used them as a merchant, that's what Capital One told me.


Similar issue with trying to return and cancel an order. Get a bill, call and told it is taken care of.

Get another bill, call and told it is taken care of. Total of four times in this rotation.

All calls were with different people and none of them seemed to know what the others had done and had a hard time even finding out what was done. Now they have sent it to collections.

to C. McDaniel #1144588

that is want outsourcing customer service out the country does

to Anonymous Austin, Texas, United States #1144595

that is want outsourcing customer service out the country does left hand does not know what the right is doing

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