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I paid $30 for a bottle of shampoo that is LITERALLY conditioner. Even if it was conditioner, it is the worst conditioner I've ever used.

My hair is drenched oily by the time I blow dry it, I don't even use 15 pumps like the bottle says, I only use 2! My hair looks nothing like it says it will, if not.. WORSE! I was going to say the only good thing about my experience would be the pumpkin spice smell..

but it doesn't even linger that long. Chaz Dean you're just another scam artist taking peoples money by false advertisement and putting cheap *** conditioner into a shampoo bottle.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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To play the devil's advocate, it is a cleansing conditioner and the FAQ says that if you aren't using enough pumps each time your hair won't be properly cleansed, and thus become greasy.

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