This product is not good. My hair looks greasy and my friends had said my hair looks limp and unclean.

I am also losing a TON of my hair when I wash it... which never happened with any other product. Also, BEWARE - they keep sending it to you and billing you when you order it once!!!

I got stuck with a big shipping bill to send it back to them and had to pay all the S&H. Bad product and they scam you by sending it again (which I didn't agree to) and tried to bill me $100

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Wen smells awful! Too much money, they keep on billing no matter what I try.

trouble and does no good. Just use coconut oil from the grocery store and you will be happier for sure.


ME TOO!! I am on the phone with them now and I AM FURIOUS!!!

They keep billing me and sending me $100's of $'s of CR%AP I didn't order..I cancelled my account 8 mos.

ago and they just sent me ANOTHER box and charged me..Their customer service is the WORST I have ever dealt with rude, condescending liars..I am going CRAZY!!!!!! with these people...OH YEAH and the shampoo sux


I had the same problem. Wen is one of the biggest SCAMs ever!!!!!

The product is ***, it left my hair looking horrid and it smells bad. They billed my credit card 100$ and I only agreed to 30.

I hope this worthless company goes out of business. They cannot create a good product so they have to scam people!


This made my hair greasy as well and my mom says my hair looks THINNER!! I CANCELLED this *** product and they KEEP BILLING ME WAT THE ***.

I am very pissed and I also paid a SH fee to return this product LAST MONTH and I'm still being CHARGED!! WTFFFF

to THEY KEEP BILLING ME TOO Brunswick, Maine, United States #595514

Make sure you read the terms and fine print before you make "trial" purchasess with your credit card. Most trials like these CLEARLY state that you will be automatically billed for future orders unless you cancel.

I agree that it's a shady and dishonest practice on their part, but they are just counting on YOU BEING LAZY AND NOT READING THE TERMS!!! No one to blame but yourselves, pay more attention to what you agree to!

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